Mikoko Bird Watching – Day Camp

Sh 35,000

The camp will help youth and chilren grow their career in science projects including climate solution with application of technology, Arts, Mathematics, Robotics, Engineering and Scuba projects.

Camp coordinators are potential in conservation, technology, engineering as well as mathematics that will help kids and youth develop new skills in problem solving and achieve academic excellency.

Participants will participate in:

  1. Soil education
  2. Mangrove plantation
  3. Learning seeds collection and identification
  4. Self-reliance projects such as home garden programs that will help them produce food at their home with small piece of land for home consumption and self-employment purposes in the future
  5. Sports will be opened to all participants and winners will get rewards
  6. Participate in launching rocket
  7. All participants will get certificate of participation
  8. All participants will get free trip badge

All payments are done via RaPesa Payment system with the name Route Africa and all orders are collected via the authorized media and happy to serve you.